Thoriated Tungsten Needle

Tungsten Needle Picture

Thoriated tungsten needle is the addition of rare earth oxide thorium tungsten needle products in tungsten base through powder metallurgy and rolling polishing process produced. However, because of the thorium tungsten radioactive harm of low level, many users have to switch to other choice.

Thoriated tungsten needles are usually used for the application of DC negative electrode or carbon, stainless steel, nickel alloy, titanium alloy and other positive electrode. Their good operation performance, even in the current overload can also very good operation.

Thorium is a radioactive substance, in the welding process and contact process with thorium tungsten rod, driven by radiation affected. Radiation effects on the human body in two forms: one is external irradiation, the second is to enter the body through the respiratory and digestive systems occur in vivo exposure. From to cover TIG and plasma welding a large number of investigations and the determination to prove that they are less radioactive dangers, because consumption of thorium tungsten electrode rod only 100-200 mg daily, the dose of radiation is minimal, little impact on the human body .

Tungsten needle is a slender structures made of pure tungsten or tungsten alloy of tungsten products. Can be used as electrode material of argon arc welding technology, can also be used as instrument probe using. There is high temperature, has the advantages of good conductivity etc..