Cerium Tungsten Needle

Tungsten Needle Picture

Cerium tungsten needle is tungsten needle products added rare earth cerium oxide in tungsten base through powder metallurgy and rolling polishing process produced. Non radioactive material. Electron emission ability is the thorium tungsten high, low arc voltage, arc stability. The positive polarity, the allowable current density ratio of thorium tungsten high 5%-8%, AC allowable current density is high, long service life, suitable for DC or AC electric welding, and the use of the same amount of time in case of longer than thorium tungsten. Usually used for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and other metals.

Cerium tungsten is the preferred alternative to thorium tungsten.

The tungsten needle is mainly used for metal surface carving, collodion particles and single particle cutting operation. Because of the needle is very brittle, so it is often bent or broken. At the completion of particle when cutting the need for hand operation. The tungsten needle is not only used for particle cutting, also used for blowing the embryos and glass.