Lanthanum Tungsten Needle

Tungsten Needle Picture

Lanthanum tungsten needle is tungsten needle products added rare earth lanthanum oxide in tungsten base through powder metallurgy and rolling polishing process produced. Lanthanum tungsten needle non radioactive, mechanical cutting performance is good, good creep resistance, high recrystallization temperature, good ductility, burn rate is small. Applicable to high technology content operation.

The tungsten needle is composed of glow discharge conditions tungsten carbonyl vapor made. Needle growth phenomenon in tungsten substrate room temperature of 1500 degrees in the range of K, but the morphology and crystalline state of needle produced in higher or lower than the ~ 1100 degrees K at different. At lower temperatures, the tungsten particle agglomeration of product shape like a twig, at higher temperatures like the beard.

Tungsten needle is a composed of refractory alloys used in the instrument of super sharp electrode, said there is a blunt and sharp bottom electrode, the vertical axis of super large electrode cylindrical refractory alloy composition, and can change cycle cancellation and molten pool bar.